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Seminaari typen vaikutuksesta talvehtimiseen Tapiola Golfissa ke 30.11.

Nyt on hieno tilaisuus saada viimeisintä tutkimustietoa typen vaikutuksesta talvehtimiseen. Isäntänä toimii Tapiola Golf. Ilmoittautumisia ottaa vastaan Gavin O`Mahoney joko sähköpostilla tai puh. nro. 0442143332 pe 25.11 mennessä. Alla tarkempaa tietoa seminaarista.

The Norwegian Golf Federation and NIBIO are conducting a project with 5 Nordic courses to define optimal autumn fertilisation of golf greens for improved winter survival. The experiments aim to demonstrate the effects of nitrogen rates on disease development (Microdochium nivale)

Tapiola golf is taking part in the research and as part of the project, STERF and the research council of Norway are offering a seminar on current research to Finnish Greenkeepers and SGL.

The seminar is in English and will be given by Agnar Kvalbein, from NIBIO.

The timeframe of the seminar is four hours ( 4 x 45 minutes) covering the following turf grass topics ;

  1. Plant nutrients and stress resistance

  2. Grass plants' adaptation to winter stresses

  3. Preparing golf greens for winter survival and fast green up in Spring

  4. Winter work and spring recovery challenges.

The seminar takes place, Wednesday 30th November at 09.00 in the Members Lounge of the new clubhouse at Tapiola Golf Club, places are limited to 30 people.

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